Friday, July 15, 2011

Netflix's price hike

Netflix's original price was unsustainable. Netflix has yet to bring in a penny of profit, and is funded by its outrageous (and equally unsustainable) stock prices.

Netflix's management failed to attempt a more gradual, acceptable price increase with the possibility of additional features. Their brazen statement of, "you don't have to purchase our product" rebukes and enrages a small (but loud), spiteful portion of their subscriber base. The consequences may not be severe on stock prices, but especially displeased customers may attempt LulzSec SQL injections and ddos attacks on netflix.

They've killed their competition, only for find that there wasn't much money left in the whole industry to begin with. Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are giggling in their graves.

And, a small note, still has yet to make a penny of profit either.

The debt ceiling

The debt ceiling has been a fair cause for concern in the American houses of parliament, and as usual, the republicans have found what was once neutral ground (the debt ceiling) to be their "give". It should be noted, that even that was hard won.

The entire American economy is based on a system of debt, and postponing payments of this debt. China is in no position to reposes the US, and simply by the mass of the American GDP, will always have an A+ (or greater) credit rating. The states, on the other hand, may still faulter, even as spending is cut and taxes raised. Additional taxes levied by the federal gov't on the top 1% of earners, might fuel a fund to give grants to bankrupt states.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

American Liberalism VS European Liberalism

Its funny, in the US, the Democrats are the kind hearted liberal party and the Republicans are the cold hearted Conservative party, yet, in one of the most conservative countries of Europe, Germany, the Democrats are the conservatives.

Our greatest achievers for the common man, are equal to another nation's corporate lap-dog. Okay, maybe its not that funny.